Park Lane International School in Prague - Czech Republic
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As a preschool delivering the National Curriculum of England, Nessie English Preschool follows a similar academic calendar to other British and International schools. School holidays are scheduled at regular increments throughout the year to ensure that children and staff receive much needed and well-deserved breaks. Our programme, even at the Foundation Stage, is very intensive and considerably more demanding than those typical in Czech preschools. Therefore, it is imperative that children have scheduled opportunities to rest, which helps them return to school after the holidays refreshed and ready to learn.

 In order to help accomodate parents who require childcare during school holidays, Nessie (in conjunction with Park Lane International School) offers Activity Days, which also appear in our school calender. The Activity Days programme does not follow the National Curriculum, but rather provides a safe, enjoyable and entertaining environment for children to have a break from their normal, intensive schedule while their parents are at work.







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