Park Lane International School in Prague - Czech Republic
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Assuring security is one of our priorities. As well as adhering to the standard security measures required for all preschool facilities, we have also established some security and safety measures which are applicable to our unique environment. Listed below are some of the measures in places.

  • We have teachers with first aid training on site.
  • There is a general medical practitioner who visits the school regularly, and is available for us to contact at any time.
  • The building meets fire protection requirements.
  • Sockets and heating elements are secured and covered.
  • All windows are prevented from being opened by children.
  • The hot water in the bathrooms is adjusted centrally by a teacher.
  • Garden and playground equipment has appropriate safety certification
  • Children are given over only to entitled persons.
  • Special measures are taken for school trips, after school activities and the transport of children.


A full text of our security and safety measures is available at the school office.




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