Park Lane International School in Prague - Czech Republic
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Why Nessie English Preschool?

We consider it important that education prepares children for the demands which may be made on them in the future. An integral part of modern education is knowledge in one’s mother tongue and frequently, at least one other world language. Research shows that bilingual children not only have the advantage of understanding another language, but it is also good for their overall linguistic and cognitive development.

Preschool is a an enjoyable place for children to start learning a new language, as the learning occurs through play and natural social interaction with teachers and other children. This gives children confidence to use the language, making it easier for them to continue to refine their language skills as they progress through their education and adult lives.

It is not important what languages children speak when they begin at Nessie English Preschool, as they will all be guided into communicating in English with both their teachers and peers. Our experience has been that even children with no previous knowledge of English quickly become orientated in their new environment and are soon participating in all the activities.

Our school puts tremendous emphasis on citizenship and responsibility. In Nessie English Preschool's multi-national environment, children not only share and learn together, but they are exposed to other cultures and learn to understand and respect their differences. They learn about their responsibility as individuals, as part of a class, as part of our school community, as part of our local community and as a global citizen.





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