Butterfly Exhibition

We visited the botanical garden because in Science we are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. During the tour, we saw every step of the life cycle of a butterfly, for example we saw a caterpillar in its chrysalis and then it became a stunning butterfly.

We went to the botanical garden to look at the butterfly exhibition. On our way we got lost but thanks to Miss Gina, who led us to the Fata Morgana (Greenhouse), we arrived in time. As we walked through the Green house we gasped at the massive and interesting plants and butterflies. As we went to the underground we saw exotic fishes from the new and the old world. It was very fresh but humid in the greenhouse. As we strolled through the greenhouse past the intricate greenery we stopped and looked at the extraordinary cocoons we were amazed at the sight of them. Amazingly, there was a lot of peculiar smells. There was a “restaurant for butterflies” where they ate, however there were not many butterflies as many of them died. Our favorite plants were carnivorous plants and a plant that when you touched it, it folds up!

When the caterpillars hatch out of the chrysalis they become a beautiful butterflies. We learnt that a tree could have roots hanging into the water to keep them hydrated. In one day, a caterpillar can eat many times its own weight in food .Most of the food is stored as fat for later stages of life, such as the metamorphosis from caterpillar to adult.

The garden, which was full of extraordinary nature from different countries, was extremely enjoyable. There were stunning plants all over the place.The murky air was consumed with colourful butterflies. The garden had many trees, which were made in other countries like in Madagascar.

Our favourite part was exploring the rainforest area of the garden. It was amazing to see the butterflies and going around to smell all the different plants.There was so much to see but our favourite bit was inside the big aquarium and watching the fish swimming freely.

We learnt that some plants can grow up to 10m long and we also learnt that some butterflies only live up to five days! Surprisingly, Napoleon used a plant to hide his treasures. We even learnt that some types of fishes have no eyes because they live in the dark! And also we learnt that some butterflies are poisonous! Another fact we learnt is that some fishes are poisonous like the puffer fish and fish restaurants should carefully cut it or else it will spread the poison everywhere and whoever eats that fish would die. We learnt that some Venus flytraps can also eat some birds.

The teachers were so proud of our behaviour and our attitude towards learning on the trip. What a lovely way to end our final Science topic of Year 5.

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