Photos from our 1st ever Graduation Ball

On Friday 26th June 2020 at the Palace Žofín we had our first ever Graduation Ball. The event was truly spectacular !

Below you can read a few lines from our Principal Mr Paul Ingarfileld´s speech:

This year group has never had an older year group to look up to – this year group set its own standards and fulfilled its duties as the unofficial role models of Valdštejnská for the first three years and Klárov for the past four. Tonight, as Year 13 ends, many new chapters will begin but we sincerely hope our graduates will create another first for Park Lane by becoming the inaugural members of our Alumni Association.

Ladies and Gentlemen, every school is made of bricks and mortar, teachers, administrators, books, study plans, MacBooks, Zoom accounts, Smartboards, complicated timetables, experiments and exams. Students, however, provide the heartbeat, the special spirit and unique atmosphere, which is why today’s event is a bittersweet ritual for us. The Class of 2020 will be sorely missed but we know these young people are well equipped for the challenges that lie ahead because they have character, individuality, resourcefulness, resilience, respect for others and a well-developed sense of purpose. Indeed, Park Lane’s first-ever graduates will leave this stage this evening as the employers, the doctors, the entrepreneurs -- the parents, the politicians, engineers and architects of the future.

Class of 2020, I salute your accomplishments, your perseverance and hard work - and I pay tribute to your parents, families and teachers for their tremendous support for you and your school. As you depart from this stunning venue this evening, no longer Year 13’s, but an important part of Park Lane’s proud history, I can assure you that the whole school community wishes every one of you success, good health and happiness - at university and beyond…

Huge congratulations & well done!

Photos from the Graduation Ball



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