CAS at Park Lane during the 2020/2021 pandemic

CAS, an acronym for CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY and SERVICE is one of the core components of the IB Diploma Programme and the most practical part of the IB study. Students are encouraged to discover more about themselves, what excites them, what their passions are and how they can develop those interests and turn them into lifelong pursuits.

CAS itself lasts for 18 months and it is a mandatory part of the IB programme. The current pandemic situation isn’t easy for anybody; on a daily basis we are forced to face many new challenges and life-changing situations. Despite the present difficulties and long-lasting lockdowns, our PL IB students have shown great commitment and perseverance and are fulfilling their CAS requirements with the lightness of their own.

Please, read about the fantastic and enriching CAS projects and experiences our students are currently undertaking:

  • Magiradio (Polina Z., Marsha H., Jack J., Giray E., Sonia F.)
  • Post Bellum (Anna A., Sonia F., Marsha H., Tereza H and Emma E)
  • The Legit Guys Podcast (Denis P., Oliver P., Aram B., Liam T., Ivan K.)
  • Smile project (Hana R., Jessica S.)
  • Krabice od bot (Marianna O., Amanda C., Amálie K.)
  • Colours of Charity (Rebecca S., Laura N., Josephine H., Jakub C.)
  • The ‘I wanna talk’ show (Marek H., Otto B., Sebi R.)

The IB diploma programme, not only through CAS but as a whole, aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. Through the projects of our students and their engagement and role modelling for the younger students it is clear that the whole IB mission is at Park Lane is achieving great success.

One of the recent projects our students took part in was an art project to support Doctors Without Borders. Together with five other international schools they prepared an amazing art exhibition. Below you see for yourselves how talented our IB students are with pictures from Otto B., Natalie J. from Y13 and Anna Z. and Sophie H. from Y12. Thank you all, it's amazing work. Special thanks also goes to Laura N., Rebi S. and Josephine H. for great coordination.

Iveta Slavětínská
CAS coordinator



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